Height Adjustable Desk

3 Stage Metal Leg

Control Panel with LED display

Height Range : 22.8 – 48.8”

Speed : 1.4” per second

Load Capacity: 300lbs

Motor: 2 motor system

32 Standard Laminate Tops Available

Automatic Safety Stop / Anti-Squeeze Protection: Yes

Warranty: Motor (10 years), Metal Components (10 years



Ergonomic experts everywhere agree the option of a sit-stand can make individuals more productive and efficient over long periods. Giving your staff the tools they need to be successful includes providing a comfortable and creative work environment. Our height adjustable tables are available in a number of configurations and hundreds of sizes.


Changing to a sit-stand desk can reduce chronic pain by as much as 54% which can improve productivity, reduce neck and upper back physical discomforts and generate other health benefits.