Ergonomic Furniture Reduces Workplace Stress and Injury

As more and more work, education and recreation involves computers, everyone needs to be aware of the hazard of Repetitive Strain Injury to the hands and arms resulting from the use of computer keyboards and mice.

This can be a serious and very painful condition that is far easier to prevent than to cure once contracted, and can occur even in young physically fit individuals. It is not uncommon for people to have to leave computer-dependent careers as a result, or even to be disabled and unable to perform tasks such as driving or dressing themselves.

The rise of computer use and flat, light-touch keyboards that permit high speed typing have resulted in an epidemic of injuries of the hands, arms, and shoulders. Use of pointing devices like mice and trackballs are also to blame. The thousands of repeated keystrokes and long periods of clutching and dragging with mice slowly accumulates damage to the body.


Furniture designed with ergonomics in mind can do a lot to reduce these risks by placing the body in the right position and reducing unwanted stress. Ergonomics is defined as the study of the relation of man to the environment in which he works and the application of anatomical, physiological, psychological, and engineering knowledge to the problems involved. Ergonomics has been applied to the design of modern chairs that allow adjustable heights, seating angles and arm supports.

Workrite is one of Locking’s primary suppliers for ergonomic office furniture. Their products include desks, chairs, monitor stands and task lighting. The designs are both functional and stylish and can fit in any office location, even home offices.

The power-assisted adjustable height desk is suitable for seated and standing work, with a large work surface from 34” to 84” wide. The desk service moves from a standard seated height to standing, suitable even for tall users. Specific heights can be programmed into the controller so it returns to the automatically to your preferred height.


Ergonomics also applies to keyboards, monitors and seating which you can see in our showroom and try before you buy.

Locking’s is the area’s leading supplier of ergonomic office furniture, part of our office design and planning service. With proper planning, we can turn any existing or new office space into a work environment that promotes productivity.